Welcome to the Stingers website – a small friendly korfball club where throwing and catching is useful but not essential.

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Stingers1 12 – Knights5 2

After a few games without most of the first team available, it was good to have most of the first team back again – even better to come back with a good win against Knights.

Stingers1 6 – Ice3 15

Stingers 1 great start to the season came crashing to an end as with nearly all the 1st team unavailable, the Stingers 2 stand-ins playing their second game of the evening couldn’t hold back a strong Ice3 team.

Stingers 2 faired better with a 8-1 win against UEA5, a score line Stingers 2 had to work hard to get with some great defending from the UEA newcomers!

Stingers1 14 – UEA3 5

Not a great start to the game going down 2-0 within the first three minutes, but although the team was more Stingers 2 than Stingers 1, we still managed to come back and chalk up a nice comfortable win.